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  EmbryoGENE published articles
  • Robert et al, 2011 - Combining Resources to Obtain a Comprehensive Survey of the Bovine Embryo Transcriptome Through Deep Sequencing and Microarrays

  Bovine Genome

  • Scantland et al, 2011 - Method to isolate polyribosomal mRNA from scarce samples such as mammalian oocytes and early embryos
  • Gilbert et al, 2010 - Providing a stable methodological basis for comparing transcript abundance of developing embryos using microarrays
  • Gilbert et al, 2009 - Real-time monitoring of aRNA production during T7 amplification to prevent the loss of sample representation during microarray hybridization sample preparation

  Microarray Analysis

  Embryonic gene expression
  • Labrecque et al, 2011 - Gene expression analysis of bovine blastocysts produced by parthenogenic activation or fertilisation
  • Rekik et al, 2011 - Analysis of the gene expression pattern of bovine blastocysts at three stages of development
  • Côté et al, 2011 - Comprehensive cross production system assessment of the impact of in vitro microenvironment on the expression of messengers and long non-coding RNAs in the bovine blastocyst
  • Vallée et al, 2009 - Revealing the bovine embryo transcript profiles during early in vivo embryonic development
  • Gilbert et al, 2009 - The Dynamics of Gene Products Fluctuation During Bovine Pre-Hatching Development