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  Frequently Asked Questions: Linking to the Genome Browser
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  Linking to the Genome Browser from another software application

"How do I construct a hyperlink to the Genome Browser from my software?"

Link to the Genome Browser using a URL of the form:


  • org - specifies the genome in which you're interested (see Displaying Your Own Annotation in the Genome Browser for a list of acceptable values). This parameter defaults to the latest Genome Browser assembly for that species.
  • db - designates a specific assembly version. For example, to refer to the July 2003 human release, you would use db=hg16. The db parameter takes precedence over the org parameter. For a list of the db parameter values that correspond to UCSC assemblies, see the list of UCSC releases.
  • position - can be any search value valid for the genome specified by org.

  Linking to the browser at the position of a knownCanonical transcript associated with a gene symbol

"How do I link to the browser from my application so that it will open at the position of the transcript in knownCanonical table that is associated with a given gene symbol?"

Using the URL described above, set the position parameter to the gene symbol and add the parameter singleSearch=knownCanonical. For example, this link will open the Genome Browser for the hg18 human assembly at the position of the knownCanonical transcript associated with GABRA3:


  The hgsid parameter

"What is the hgsid parameter? Should I include it in URLs that link to the Genome Browser?"

The hgsid parameter is a temporary internally-used parameter that should not be used when constructing links to the Genome Browser.